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Pros and Cons Of Each Sinks Material

Author: Eric Morning / Wellong

Date: Dec. 11th, 2019

##Please look directly at the table at the bottom of the article, if you are anxious to know the conclusion.##

Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sink is the most popular kitchen sink material worldwide. Produced from the first stainless steel sink, it has always occupied the most dominant market share.Because it represents a good compromise between usability, durability, price and daily maintain.


*Easy buy
*Heat resistant
*Low maintenance
*Diverse style


*Rust when touch acid and alkaline substances
*Be Scratched easily

Stainless Steel Insert Sink

Cast Iron sink

Enamel cast iron is a classic material. It’s very heavy and stable.  Most cast iron sinks are coated an enamel finish, which prevents them from rusting. The enamel can also resist scratching, but a strong impact can damage the surface of the cast iron sink and begin to rust.


*Colorful style


*Extremely heavy
*If the enamel damaged, the cast iron will rust easily.
*Your sink will need to be supported underneath, taking up storage space

Fireclay Sink

Fireclay sinks are made by ceramic clay and cover with porcelain enamel. These sinks are usually apron style.


*Easy clean


*Few styles
*Usually only white color.
*Extreme expensive.
*Prone to cracking if not installed properly
*Your sink will need to be supported underneath, taking up storage space

Granite Composite Sink

Granite composite is quite possibly the best kitchen sink material. They are made of granite sand mixed with resin before it’s molded into the shape of the sink.


*Easy to clean
*Low maintenance
*Many color optional
*Heat proof
*rust resistant


*There are not many options for surface finish.
*Expensive than stainless steel.

Acrylic Sink

Acrylic are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is lightweight and easy to mold. They also contain some fiberglass in order to make the plastic stronger and are coated in resin, which makes them stain resistant .


*Very lightweight


*Not very durable.
*The sink burns easily because it is plastic
*Not resist heat
*Cracks are easily generated by impact.

Soapstone Sink

Soapstone might be the best kitchen sink material if you can stomach the price tag. It look great but it is possibly the most expensive option on this list.


*Stain resistant
*Chemically stable
*Acid resistance


*Prone to scratches, since soapstone is a softer material
*They are rather pricey

Copper Sink

Copper sinks are shaped like farmhouse sinks. Usually there are beautiful decorations in the front apron. They are made of copper that had been melted and then poured into a mold.


*Naturally antimicrobial
*Extremely durable
*Heat resistant


*You cannot use certain cleaning agents on copper sink
*Copper sink is very expensive

Pros. And Cons. of Each Kitchen Sink Material


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